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♥The Time Is♥

is anyone going to the kanye west concert in los angeles?

i think my next cosplay is going to be Harley Quinn. I’m so pumped, I love her so so so much. If any of you are gonna cosplay Poison Ivy hit me up and we can do a super cute, sexy photoshoot! 


i just realized. no girls have crushes on me and it makes me so sad. 

this is the saddest revelation i’ve had in a while actually i need to sit down this is too much

i just realized. no girls have crushes on me and it makes me so sad. 

i really like being feminine but i don’t know if i register with gender.

i don’t know i’ve just been thinking a lot and I just feel the concept is pretty much undefinable

but trying to put myself into a certain class for something like that is really unneeded to me i guess.

This boy has been wanting to go on a date with me and I finally said yes.  I, wanting to enjoy myself planned this super cool thing as both of us get to go to an art museum and after have a picnic in the museums park. But now he keeps asking what else are we gonna do.

I hate this. Here I am trying to educate him in the finer arts and show him a good time to a totally sweet, tasteful date and he just keeps bringing up if we are gonna do anything sexual.

i’m going to cry kanye west is coming to concert August 30th but it’s too much money. i have literally no money rn and he’s coming soon and ahhhh. 

does anyone know where I can purchase relatively reasonable/cheap clothing online?? I need some summer clothes but I don’t know where to look!!

i just ate birthday cake flavored dip-in-dots and it’s not even my birthday someone hold me back i’m wild

the thrilling trilogy 

my dad complains i look at myself in the mirror too much 

but dad i’m 2 cute i can’t look away 

that mini heart attack you get when reblogging to your main blog and not your side blog

i’m gonna try to get some cute girls numbers this weekend

humans are  weird i’m glad i’m not one

i’d date and have the biggest crush on myself wow