i wish i shared a bed with someone

i just like knowing there’s someone right next to me and i sleep better with others anyway

you can buy bodybags on amazon for 13.99 plus shipping

…why do they have gucci diaper bags…? 


me and kendra both have jesse icons hell ya

don’t forget to check out the lunar eclipse that’s going to happen tonight !!

shout out to my wild mutual honeys 

….why is there so much homestuck on my dash…

The band Smashmouth is still an active thing…just think about that for a long moment.

i was playing and jamming to Nicki’s Boss ass Bitch when my dad came in. that was the worst possible time for my computer to decide to freeze up on me

i want to date so many people 

i hope pizzaforpresident stays gone. 

smh opinion outpost never sends me any new surveys. does anyone know where or how else i can make money via internet?  

R.I.P Reggie the Wise Owl

i spent this whole time venerating and honoring a barn owl with roses

i’m really sad i found a barn owl and i really really want to give it a nice burial but i think someone already called the city to pick it up


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