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♥The Time Is♥

kay am i getting punked because this is getting ridiculous why doesn’t anyone have a crush on me yet ???

i always get these sudden rushes of emotions where i feel this overwhelming feelings of love

i always feel like i’m living a double life on here because i have a side blog

and then i’ll reblog stuff especially for that blog and feel all secretive and will sit back in my chair and laugh secretively

my back always hurts

Do you know whose boobs look so nice right now? Mine. Top notch boobs over here. Mark this on your calendars becsuse these sure are nice.

i don’t like the feeling that i’m having right now because i never ever let guys have control over my emotions and I almost always make sure to not get too attached.

So I’m usually indifferent about the whole ordeal but right now I’m just???

i keep rethinking and going over what i did, if i did it right and if i looked nice and just did i give a good view of myself.

it’s kinda killing me knowing how much i want him to like me


; ͜o; beep beep

beep beep beekeepers

marry me

shout out to everyone who tags pda

love ya guys !!! 

oh my goodness just received a message saying I was a “ nasty and disgusting human being” 

this is my height of my experience on tumblr dot com.

i have the best combination. A great blog and a great opinion to match it.

come fight me, come fight me or can you not form a valid argument? haha your arguments are as limp as your boys dick is lmao

tfw you may actually have a crush on someone

today was a really great day! I got to buy some super cute clothes and got chat up by an even cuter guy. Ahhh he was so nice and cute! 

I was walking by the Sketchers store and he was a worker there and he smiled at me as I passed and I could see he digged me so I went in. Oh my goodness I cannot tell you how cute he was, and we started talking a lot. 

Eventually we had to stop though because the store began to get really busy but he asked for my number and I gave it to him.