I hate looking stuff up on tumblr because like whenever I do no matter what I look up I always end up seeing some really gross/shady stuff.

my life would be a lot easier without AP classes and Honors classes.

does anyone know of ways to get rid or soothe headaches? i have a really really bad one and feel dizzy too.

November 21st 1999

look how nice this picture is !!! 

(looks through baby pictures of me) I truly was a gift from god

i want to go back in time to hold my baby self because i was so cute.

its crazy that nowadays my tumblr presence isn’t even like..there anymore… This blog is just run by my queue now. 

one of my favorite things today: going to starbucks and hearing a police officer say the phrase “are ya ready freddy?” to his partner

yeah…how is anyone at this point NOT calling this straight up racism ???

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it is my responsibility and mine alone to be successful and carry on my family name.

(slithers on the ground in the dirt for hours) what are responsibilities? 

you know what really gets me into the mood to enlist into a karate tournament, defeat a rivaling karate team, defeat my bully and bond with a wise handyman/martial arts master?

The original Karate Kid soundtrack. It’s one of the best soundtracks of all time and you get so pumped from it. 

(sees untagged dick on dash) why you gotta go and ruin my day like that….